“Il ruolo dei comuni nel contrasto alla povertà energetica – EPAH’s call”

Today 21st February starts the World Energy Poverty Week (IEPAW) which will bring together academics, practitioners and policy makers committed to the fight against energy poverty. 
On this occasion, during the day dedicated to energy poverty in Europe, AISFOR will have the opportunity to present the project TIGER – Triggered Investments in Grouping of buildings for Energy Renovation
The IEPAW initiative stems from the common desire of several projects, including the Energy Poverty Advisory Hub (EPAH) of which AISFOR is a partner, to analyze and investigate the issue of energy poverty in all continents. 
The program includes seminars, discussions and workshops throughout the week focused on finding viable solutions to counteract the problem of energy poverty. The first day opened with a discussion on the right to energy justice at the international level; in the following days the debate will focus on the problem in its continental aspects: Latin America (Tuesday 22), Europe (Wednesday 23), Asia (Thursday 24) and Africa (Friday 25).    

The TIGER project (funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 program) contributes to reduce energy poverty, addressing the problems of lack of funding and carrying out energy upgrading of 126 buildings of the heritage ATER (public housing in the Abruzzo region) located in 58 municipalities of the Abruzzo Region. 
In detail, TIGER foresees the energy requalification of more than 1500 lodgings, to reduce energy consumption by 30%, fighting the phenomenon of energy poverty. 
TIGER thus fits into the context of European energy policies (European Green Deal and Renovation Wave) and social policies.