Social houses tenants in Abruzzo region

The TIGER project plans to inform and involve social housing tenants directly through workshops, training activities and distribution of information material.

In addition to the in person activities carried out by ATERs (such as informal meetings), tenants will also benefit from lasting support tools, such as a physical and virtual help desk and social groups dedicated to the topic of energy saving and energy vulnerability.

The aim is to involve the tenants and make them aware of the upgrading interventions carried out in their homes and of the related benefits in terms of saving money on energy bills and reducing emissions. In addition to this, the project want to broaden their knowledge on more general topics in order to better understand the scope of interventions such as energy savings and energy poverty.

In fact, by following the provided indications, tenants should achieve considerable financial savings on their bills, as well as gain a greater understanding of their vulnerable situation and how to proactively address it.

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